Threshing Machines  Ref: JP6200
Because of the lack of literature on the subject, this book aims to treat the subject of Threshing as a whole. As well as detailed analysis of threshing machine development, design and construction plus a survey of its builders, this book also looks at the associated ancillary equipment and reviews the sources of motive power used. To complete the picture, there is a brief look at the background history and the thresher’s eventual metamorphosis into the combine harvester.

The traction engine and the portable engine before it only came into existence to power the threshing machine. This book hopes to go some way to put the threshing machine in its rightful place.

Trevor Gregory is proud to call himself a Cornishman who has always been interested in all things mechanical. Originally trained as an Architect, Trevor has been able to use his expertise in draughtsmanship and photography in the production of this, his first book.

Hardbck - 248 pages - Extensively illustrated with Black and White and Colour Photographs Throughout.

Hardback book